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Identify your whiteboard pen

To ensure you get the correct pen, please identify which one you have. We can’t guarantee that we can supply the exact pen, but we can be sure to give you one which is compatible both with your board, and with your charger. Note also that all eInstruction Interwrite boards (sometimes branded as something else) can be upgraded to the new dualboard capability with a new adapter, charger and pens. The latest pen charger fits the MOBI pens too. It may be a good time to upgrade! Photos may include pictures of chargers, which are sold as separate items to the pens – if you order a pen you don’t get a charger, but if you order a charger you may get pens. Contact us for details.

These pens were sold as GTCO Calcomp brand, then Interwrite board brand, and now eInstruction, as the company changed name and merged. The boards are the same high quality throughout of course. These boards and pens were also sold as RM ClassBoard and Hitachi Starboard, so if your RM ClassBoard pens look the same, then they will be compatible. (Not all RM ClassBoards are these, so if they don’t match, we can’t help, sorry.)

A) Original pen. (Now discontinued.)

Replace with Pen Charger II (item E below)

B) Original Red. (Now discontinued. There were black, red, blue and green versions of Pen B, this simply related to the colour of the Expo marker that was in the other end of the pen. The electronics were the same in all cases.)This was probably called “RPEN” when sold with the RM classboards.

Replace with Pen Charger II (item E below)

C) Rechargeable pen 1. (Now discontinued – replace with item E, charger and new pens.)

Replace with Pen Charger II (item E below)

D) MOBI & Dualboard Main RPN2 pen (original version – see also pen H.)
Requires pen charger II (item E below).

The primary pen is a white pen with grey stripe as of 2013 (see below).
E) Pen charger II (2)
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Full details of the Pen Charger II – click here.
F) Dualboard second pen.
Requires pen charger II (item E above).
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want a second/ spare pen for your whiteboard, then you want the Primary pen, not a secondary pen. This secondary pen is for use on a DUALBOARD (that is actually being used as a dualboard) to allow a second student to write on the board at the same time as another student is, using the primary pen. So, two people working on the board at the same time. If you are upgrading from the black pen C then you cannot use this pen unless you also upgrade the electronics of the board (which is not too expensive). This pen may be supplied as a grey body with white stripe as of 2013.
G) Laser pen.
Requires pen charger II (item E above).
H) MOBI & Dualboard Main pen
2012 onwards. RPN5
Requires pen charger II (item E above). This pen uses a rechargeable AAAA battery for easier replacement when needed.

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Full details of the Pen here.

If you wish to buy replacement AAAA batteries (only suitable for the grey stripe, not blue pens) then you can buy AAAA rechargeables on Amazon (we cannot guarantee third party supplies).

K) MOBI and Dualboard secondary pen, 2012 onwards. Requires pen charger II (item E above). This pen uses a rechargeable AAAA battery for easier replacement when needed.(There is no pen I or J, which were omitted to avoid letters that can cause confusion.)

We do have stock of these – to order contact us directly so we can be sure you really need the secondary pen – few people do in the UK.

This looks the opposite of pen H, that is, grey barrel with a white stripe. (The colours of the photographs are not quite matching here.)

Pen not here? We might not have them all. Please send us a photo to info @ and we will help you identify it.