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Banxia in UK are no longer selling the eInstruction PRS systems, but you can buy current systems from Turning Technologies who bought eInstruction in 2013.

If you purchased from us, we are still providing support and spares where available.


A student response system uses electronic handsets (rather similar to a TV remote control) to allow you to ask a question and have all the students respond individually. These systems are often referred to as audience response systems (ARS), student response systems (SRS), personal response systems (PRS), classroom participation systems (CPS), classroom response systems (CRS). The handsets are often referred to as clickers. You can now use a mixture of bespoke handsets and virtual devices (on iPhones, iPads, smartphones and laptops) as clickers. Using one of these systems gives you a number of pedagogical benefits and helps you to identify the level of understanding within your audience.

At Banxia, we have been supplying clickers to the UK for almost 20 years, initially supplying the Fleetwood system, and then the EduCue/ Interwrite Learning / eInstruction solutions. In Sept 2013 with the purchase of eInstruction by Turning Technologies, we are able to supply both eInstruction and Turning Technologies solutions. Now you can choose which system you wish to use, and get the same high level of knowledgeable support from us at Banxia. We can guide you as to which system will work best in your environment.

Benefits of a student response system

A student response system combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity. Using their wireless clickers, students can answer questions and record their responses with a simple click of a button. Results are instantly charted and displayed for real-time student feedback and lesson refinement—allowing you to make the most of your class time. The system can be used for formative feedback or summative assessment.

After class, grades can be recorded in the gradebook of the software, exported in a common Excel format, or exported into a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as the Blackboard Learning System™ or Moodle. If you need a report on how your class or a particular student is doing, then you can easily use reports to analyze the results from a single question or a series of lessons.

Whether you use clickers for taking attendance, quizzes and tests, or for lesson review, you can focus more of your time on teaching and less of your time on paperwork and grading.

  • You ask the questions in a variety of formats, including true or false, multiple choice or even numerical and text.
  • Students respond uninhibited using the alphanumeric keypad on their remote. Participation is received from every student, including those who are shy.
  • You receive feedback immediately from the remote transmitters to the receiver.
  • You see the results instantly and easily gauge your class’ comprehension as a group, or by individual students, and adapt the lesson to fit your students’ needs.
  • You record test grades within the gradebook or export them into Excel™ or a grade course management system such as Blackboard Learning System or Moodle.

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Turning Technologies

eInstruction user?

If you are using the eInstruction handsets or software, you can choose not to change anything. We can still supply the clickers you are using and the software will continue to work. You will have new software options soon, including using the TurningPoint software with your eInstruction clickers. Pretty much everything is continuing as before, and we can support it all.

Buying more?

Banxia will continue to provide the support and customisation to make sure that we supply the solution that you need to satisfy your requirements. Please feel free to call to discuss your needs with us, and we will make sure that you get a solution that will work for you. We can help you transition if you wish to, or maintain your existing systems into the future.

Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies user?

If you already have the Turning Technologies systems, then you are now able to buy more from us. We will be able to offer you support on systems we supply, and will have our custom tools available for you to use. Please contact us with your requirements.



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