eInstruction in the UK


Banxia have written and produced a number of useful add-ons for the eInstruction Response software. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us as we may already have a solution that is not published here.

Available to rent

You can rent keypads from us for your events. See the [intlink id=”236″ type=”page”]rental page[/intlink] for details.

PowerPoint 2010 add-in

At the current time, the Interwrite add-in for PowerPoint does not work correctly with Office 2010 and PowerPoint 2010. When you start a slideshow, you get a blue rotating circle. We are making a version of our PowerPoint add-in available that will allow you to use [intlink id=”54″ type=”page”]Interwrite Response with PowerPoint 2010[/intlink] in the normal manner. It will operate as you have used the Interwrite version.

PRS Librarian

[intlink id=”50″ type=”page”]PRS Librarian[/intlink] provides easy to use asset management software specifically designed for managing your Interwrite PRS keypads.

Remote site connector

Not strictly a Response add-in, as we are currently unable to connect to Response, the [intlink id=”52″ type=”page”]remote site connector[/intlink] allows you to use your Cricket or PRS-RF handsets with the Impact Explorer software to connect any number of remote sites to a central location.

Storage cases

A range of [intlink id=”44″ type=”page”]cases[/intlink] are available to protect your handsets when not in use.