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Banxia PRS Librarian

Available now: asset management software specifically designed for managing your Interwrite PRS keypads. Also allows you to bulk set Spark higher education handset IDs with a new module (see below).

Allocate keypads

Use a barcode reader to read the keypad number and student ID card to register allocations of keypads. The software can also look up student names to automatically fill in the name field.

Allocate groups

Students can be grouped for admin purposes, and to generate CSV files for other applications.

Register returns

When the keypads are no longer needed, use the returns screen to quickly unregister them. The allocation screen automatically updates existing registrations if keypads are re-allocated.


Full reporting includes current allocations, a full history of allocations and returns, and a keypad range report to show the keypads that are known to the software.

And more…

The software supports administrator passwords to restrict access, and has a mode to identify who a particular keypad is allocated to. Facilities such as a scanner test and check for updates from the web site round the software off to provide a complete management package.

The software is designed to work with any “keyboard-wedge” or keyboard compatible scanner, but will work best if it is programmed to send a prefix character followed by the Enter key. This is a standard option on scanners, so should allow optimal operation quite easily.

Spark Manager for ID setting

We now have a new module that works either with or without the barcode scanning system. For higher education use, where more than 240 clickers may be in use ever, the Spark handset is used in a special mode, and for use with Response you need to set the student ID “over the air”. This can be done in the Device Manager, but for large scale use our tool is much more efficient. Ask for more details.

Spark Manager for bulk updating of student IDs