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Remote site connector

PRS Remote Connect – Connect remote audiences to your teaching location

Link satellite groups to your multi-media events

 Make the most of your Interwrite™ handsets and engage students on remote sites with the PRS Remote Connect software from Banxia® Software. Increase the audience for guest speakers and gain extra feedback by including the students at other sites in the interactive sessions.

With modern, high reliability network connections, you can now have “satellite” locations where students can watch a live video feed of a teacher or special guest and can see their computer screen. Now you can include interactivity with all students by connecting back to your primary Interwrite PRS sessions.

system diagram

Banxia’s PRS Remote Connect software is designed to be “plug and play”. Install the software on the central computer and the satellites, and it will automatically detect when the PRS receivers are plugged in, and connect them to the central location using the network. The central location configures where on the network it will look for devices. The central software then sees them as though they are plugged into the local computer. No further knowledge of their operation is needed.



  • Uses the Impact Explorer software as the central controller (not currently compatible with Response).
  • Allows up to 20 remote computers to be connected to the central location. A local receiver can also be used.
  • Requires a reliable internet (TCP/IP) connection to the remote sites, though it will automatically connect and continue from where it left off if a problem occurs.
  • A licence must be purchased for each remote site that will connect in.
  • Requires Windows 2000, XP or Vista on all computers except the main Response computer which can be Windows, Mac or Linux.

Details subject to change. Contact us for confirmation. The Interwrite Response system is stocked in the UK by Banxia® Software Ltd, experienced providers of audience response systems.


You can read the manual for the Remote Connect software.