eInstruction in the UK

Storage Cases

 Banxia have a range of cases for you to protect your handsets with. Depending on your needs, we can supply a solution, including some cases made exclusively for us. If you would prefer to mount the keypads on your lecture theatre furniture, ask about our PRS-RF Holster.

Contact us for pricing of the various case options.

Soft padded cases

PRS-RF soft case Soft Cricket case

The soft cases are a good solution for storage and transport within a single location. They provide protection in a cloth and foam surrounding.

Hard cases (Banxia exclusive)

PRS-RF hard case PRS IR hard case

The hard cases (available currently on special order) are ideal if you are transporting the handsets a fair distance, or want to be able to stack the cases. The PRS-RF case allows up to 50 handsets to be securely carried. The PRS-IR case allows for 40 handsets and the receiver and power supply and UK cable to be carried. These were custom manufactured for Banxia, providing solutions unique to the UK requirements.

Individual cases

PRS RF sleeve holster

If the students are to “own” the handsets, and carry them to lectures themselves, then the PRS-RF sleeve is a good option. It provides protection to the buttons and screen.

The PRS-RF holster is available for installing in lecture theatres, allowing the keypad to be kept available for every student. We can ship worldwide.

Cardboard cases

cardboard cartonThe cardboard case is good if you are handing handsets out at the start of term, and storing them at the end of term. We do not recommend them for day-to-day use. NOTE: April 2010 the supply of these cases is now extremely limited. Please check with us for the stock position. Thank you.