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Hardware features

eInstruction / Interwrite™ PRS Hardware features

eInstruction provide different hardware solutions for use with Interwrite PRS, so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs. One software supports a variety of hardware types. A small and low cost infra-red handset is ideal for classes from 10 through to 40 students. The radio based handsets provide support for larger classes (up to many thousands of students) as well as being well suited for use in smaller classes. The Interwrite PRS RF and CPS Pulse handsets offer further input modes, including “self paced” and the “out of class” homework mode.

The Interwrite PRS RF and CPS Pulse handsets are the “top end” solution and the more expensive of the handset types available. The radio based Interwrite Cricket handset, is priced mid-way between the top end Interwrite PRS RF/ Pulse handsets and the entry level infra-red handset. Call us to discuss which solution is best suited to your situation (see contact info at the bottom of the page), or ask for a quote today on the system of your choice.

The pages in this section provide details of the radio CPS-Pulse, PRS-Cricket, CPS-IR, PRS-RF,and older infra-red systems.