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CPS Infra-Red handset

CPS™ IR combines durable hardware with the powerful CPS™ software to create an interactive learning environment in any classroom.

With eight alphabetical buttons, students can answer multiple-choice questions and navigate through student-managed assessments. This system is durable, portable, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

With CPS™ IR and ExamView®, educators can deliver more interactive lessons to promote greater student involvement, achievement, and progress. Plus, when you use CPS student response systems with Mobi and ExamView® teachers can streamline assessments with standards-based content and view student responses in real time on the Mobi KWIKscreen.


CPS™ IR is ideal for a classroom of up to 64 students. Operating distance is 50 feet. The response pad operates on two AAA batteries. The battery life, with normal usage, will extend beyond a year.


  • Ideal for classrooms of up to 64 students.
  • Captures real-time assessment data to gauge student comprehension as you teach to immediately identify individual learning needs and alter instruction as needed.
  • Seamlessly and automatically integrates with ExamView® to ensure that you won’t lose images, answers, test banks, or data during assessment and grading.
  • Automates and streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks like taking attendance, grading quizzes or tests, and recording the results.
  • Supports multiple-choice, yes-no, and true-false question types.
  • Integrates with the eI CommunitySM to put even more peer-tested content and resources at your disposal.
CPS-IR receiver

CPS-IR receiver