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PRS Infra Red

Interwrite™ PRS Infra-Red handsets

The infra-red system is in use in many locations today, and still readily available in original and high-speed types. The Cricket handset should be considered for new installations though – talk to us about your requirements.

January 2010 update: eInstruction no longer supply the infra-red handsets shown on this page, but they do have a low cost CPS infra-red handset for small classes. Banxia is able to supply these – contact us for more information.

See also the radio based handsets.


The drivers for the Infra Red receivers can be downloaded from SRSReceiverDrivers.exe.

Infra Red Transmitter

Feature Description Benefit
Transmitter ID
Each transmitter has a unique ID that can be assigned to individual students. Each student’s response can be tied directly to him or her.
Low Cost and
No Recurring

Transmitters are owned by the student or purchasing institution.

There are no online or registration fees assessed to activate the transmitter.

Saves significant money over multiple semesters and for students using the transmitters in multiple classes.
Transmitters have alphanumeric values (i.e. 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E, 6F, 7G, 8H, 9I, 0J) Teachers can ask multiple-choice questions that have up to 10 options and numeric valued questions.
High & Low
Two programmable keys allow students to indicate high and low confidence levels with their responses. Teachers can not only gauge if the students’ answers are correct or incorrect, but how confident they were in answering the question.

Receivers use infrared technology similar to a TV remote.

The transmitters operate at a range of up to 60 feet from the receivers.

Very reliable technology that operates on a “line of sight”, so it will not interfere with radio frequency equipment or other systems in adjacent rooms.
for Receivers
Wireless transceivers allow the connection of the computer and one or more groups of receivers to be accomplished without cables. In larger classrooms, wireless
transceivers are useful to eliminate floor wiring.

The wireless system may also be a cost savings for institutions requiring contractors to perform extensive hard-wiring configurations.

with Standard
Receivers are connected to the computer’s comm port (or a USB converted port). Easy to install.

Pictures of the infra-red system:

The Interwrite high-speed infra-red receiver, new in January 2007

The older receiver

The infra-red handsets (original handsets are shown here, the high speed handsets are basically the same as these, but a slightly greener colour)

High speed receiver