Student Response Systems

eInstruction in the UK

Turning Technologies’s TurningPoint available from Banxia

We are pleased to announce that following the Turning Technologies purchase of eInstruction Inc, Banxia Software will be able to offer not only the eInstruction products (business as usual for customers using those products), but also the Turning Technologies products including TurningPoint. This opens up new options for eInstruction users, and we will be offering our full support for both existing systems and new. Contact us if you have any questions.

More software options

Many people will already know about our Interact HE™ software which allows you to use your existing eInstruction clickers. eInstruction have always had their Response software, but now have a new package called [intlink id=”308″ type=”page”]Flow[/intlink]. If you would like to try it, or discuss the comparative benefits, please get in touch.

Response is good on OS X Lion

This is just to confirm that Response 6.70 is working fine on our text Macs with the new OS X Lion installed.

If you are a Banxia customer and have any issues with Response on your Mac, let us know.

Press Release 14 Jan 2011

Banxia Software Ltd appointed as UK distributor for eInstruction Inc mobile interactive solutions

Bringing advanced teaching tools to the UK

London, 14th January 2011, eInstruction Inc have appointed Banxia Software Ltd as the UK distributor of the mobile interactive solutions of interactive mobile whiteboards and student response systems.

Patrice Ulles, VP Sales EMEA, eInstruction, said “We chose Banxia because of their skills and their capacity to support the teachers in using our education solutions. We are excited to develop with Banxia the usage of our solutions in the UK.”

“We are very excited to bring the latest in mobile interactive technology for teaching and student engagement to the UK.” said Matthew Jones, Managing Director of Banxia Software Ltd.

The eInstruction products such as the new MOBI View, launched at BETT 2011 in London, UK, provide student centred learning. Banxia will be supplying all of the Collaborative Learning Suite, including MOBI, CPS Pulse, and Examview.

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Banxia are now the home of eInstruction in the UK

For interactive classroom products, Banxia Software Ltd are now the home of eInstruction in the UK. We will happily supply you or your IT dealer with the eInstruction MOBI and student response systems. We can also supply the whiteboards upon request.