eInstruction in the UK

Looking after batteries

Important information on handset storage

When you take delivery of your handsets, please make sure that the cartons of handsets are not stored in a hot office or anywhere where they may be in direct sunlight. When the cartons are in sunlight or a hot office, even though the office may feel “comfortable” to you, the temperature within the cartons can get quite high and this can cause the batteries to degrade.

The handsets should always be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight (regardless of what carton/ carry case they are in).

If the handsets are to be stored over a long vacation, or are not going to be used for several weeks, then we suggest that the batteries are removed.

Prolonging battery life

To prolong the battery life when the handsets are in use, ask the students to power down their handsets at the end of their use in a class. The Spark and Pulse handsets will automatically power down when you close the session, and all handsets will power down automatically after a while if no class is broadcasting, but if a class is broadcasting and/or the handsets have been joined to a class, they will stay “live” for 1 hour before powering down, so it is best to ask the students to turn the handsets off when they have finished using them.