eInstruction in the UK


I thought it was a great idea to show class participation.

“The response system was very successful. Not only did it help me gain extra points, but most importantly it gave me an idea about what material I need to spend some extra time on. In my opinion the clicker system is a fair way to keep the students up to date and also to help the professor realize where students are having the most difficulty. I strongly encourage the use of the clicker system for future classes.”

“It is a very efficient system that allows us to track our progress relative to our peers. It helps highlight what material I need to emphasize on when I study for the quiz and tests. A good system overall.”

“I like the response system. It keeps the class attentive and also allows people to see if they are learning the material in class”

I like the use of the response questions. They made us think and it was an easy way for us to apply what we are learning at the present time.”

“I found the response system to be useful. I liked the fact that students had the ability to do questions during class, and get immediate feedback on how to do the problems. This is important because often students (especially me) don’t approach topics taught in class until hours later when they go home. At this point, the material is already forgotten to a certain extent. The response system provides questions for students during class, keeping them awake and interactive. Also, the system provides incentive to go to class and do the reading the night before.”

“I thought the clickers were a great way to get a shy class involved. A lot of times people want to answer the questions, but don’t want to be wrong or don’t want to draw attention to themselves by always raising their hands. With the clickers you still get to check if your answer would have been correct. It’s also reassuring to know when others are confused at the same time as you and no one clicks the correct answer.”

“I think that the response system was an extremely helpful teaching tool. It helped me to think through problems in class and have my misunderstandings of the material addressed immediately.”

“I really enjoyed using them [PRS transmitters]. They made the classes more interactive, which is great. General Chemistry with Dr Johnson is by far the best science course I have had in terms of active learning, and the clicker system takes it to a higher level.”

I enjoyed using the clickers during class. They gave the class a more hands on feeling. I also felt as though they helped keep my attention towards the material covered during the lecture instead of drifting away.”