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Videos about PRS and clickers

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Quick jumps: Strathclyde : Interviews with members of PRS Best Practices : Using Clickers in the College Classroom : From Questions to Concepts: Interactive Teaching in Physics (Harvard) : ITunes University links

Interviews with members of PRS Best Practices (link)

Using Clickers in the College Classroom (link)

From Questions to Concepts: Interactive Teaching in Physics (Harvard) (link)

Strathclyde University (link)

See Interwrite™ PRS in action now with the JISC / University of Strathclyde video (full page here).

Strathclyde Video

iTunes University (link)

iTunes U is a resource for your iPod which allows you to view videos and podcasts from universities around the world. This is a selection of links to the iTunes store. If you do not have iTunes installed, they will not work.

Clickers – Loyola Marymount University (Virtual PRS setup and basics)

Technology Innovations – San Jose State University

Boulder University series on getting the best from clickers