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eInstruction Response

eInstruction Response is the well established software package, but it is no longer supported. New users should look at the Flow software from http://einstruction.eu/downloads/ for use with their existing clickers.

The last release of the eInstruction Interwrite Response software is available from the links below. Please copy and paste them to your browser. They are not linked directly to reduce automated access. If the server does not respond, please try later.






Main window

Response bar

Manage my data




Mac & Linux compatible

Windows compatible

Minimum requirements:

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

For Apple Mac – OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Linux with 2.6 kernel or greater.

Greater flexibility because it is not limited to a single operating system.


Teachers can enter questions easily into the Response software and set up time limits, number of choices, select the correct answer, number of chances, and other options.

Teachers have the flexibility to create questions in the PRS system and/or utilize their PowerPoint presentation slides.



A PowerPoint Add-In toolbar allows educators the ability to quickly and easily turn any PowerPoint slide into a PRS question slide.

Teachers have the flexibility to create questions in the PRS system and/or utilize their PowerPoint presentation slides.


At the completion of a question, the Response Chart displays a histogram, bar chart or pie chart that tallies the results of student responses.

Teachers can instantly see if their students are grasping key concepts and adjust their lesson accordingly.

Response Map and Instructors window

With the infra-red system Instructors can see when students enter their response by viewing the response map. With the radio frequency system, responses can be monitored using the instructors window.

Response maps/ grids are not needed with the radio frequency system.

The response map can be set up based on an instructor’s class roster, randomly or sequentially.

For larger classes, response maps can be set on a timed cycle displaying responses in smaller sections.


Students’ responses can be instantly graded and recorded in Response ’ integrated Gradebook.

Data can also be uploaded to other grade book systems such as Blackboard Learning System™, Web Assign® and WebCT™.

Eliminates hours spent on hand grading and recording of students’ responses.

Variety of

Multiple reports available such as attendance, session results by student, session summary results by question and cumulative grades by student.

Provides educators greater flexibility and power to leverage student assessment data collected through Response.


Educators can place a different value on select questions in a lesson.

A more accurate grade is recorded based on the difficulty of the question.


Questions may be created “on-the-fly” during a class session by using the Add Question function in the Response software.

Allows educators even greater flexibility during class by assessing students’ retention of the subject matter and inserting questions as needed, to reinforce certain topics.

from Textbook
Publishers and
Other Sources

Many book publishers include a set of XML-based questions available with their text.

An XML question import capability is included in the Response software which allows prepared questions, responses and correct answers to be imported.

Saves time and effort creating questions.

Questions from publishers validated from textbook Test Item File.

into Questions

Response software supports standard graphic formats such as .jpeg, .bmp and .gif.

Questions and lessons become more effective with related pictures and graphs.

Free Web

A free Web registration applet is available.

Students can log into this Web application, hosted by the institution, to register for their transmitters for their class.

For larger classes, eliminates the need for instructors to enter each student’s information and transmitter ID.

Data easily
managed in
other programs

Data can be exported in ASCII Comma Delimited Format (.csv).

Data can be easily read as an Excel™ data file or imported into other grade book programs such as Blackboard Learning System, Web Assign and WebCT.

Site Licensed

When Interwrite PRS is purchased, the Response software is site licensed to the institution purchasing it.

This allows any number of copies to be made for computers owned by the institution or used for teaching at the institution.

Also, free upgrades are available at the Interwrite tech support site: