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Whiteboard spares details

If you have an interactive whiteboard with branding by GTCO Calcomp, Interwrite, eInstruction, Hitachi Starboard or RM Classboard then you can use the items on this page to replace lost parts. Use our Identify your whiteboard pen page to check, if you see your pen there, then these parts are compatible with your interactive whiteboard.

See our main page for availability of the items here.

Pen Charger II

Pen charger image

The pen charger II is the replacement for all previous versions of the pen chargers or old battery powered pens.

This is now available as a single item without pens or power supply. A link wire and clip are provided to allow you to attach it to your board, from which it can get power. See the Interwrite whiteboard manual (PDF) for full details.

The kit we used to supply included all that you need to replace any older pen system. You got the charger/holder, two primary pens (so one could be charging while you are using the other), a clip for mounting to the whiteboard (right hand side only), a link wire to take charge from the board, a power supply (can power the board too, or the charger independent if you keep it in a staff room), and a pack of spare pen tips.

Note that to charge, the pen must be put in the charger tip down. The light will illuminate and a beep will occur to indicate all is well.

Rechargeable Pen

Primary pen for Interwrite, eInstruction, Starboard, Classboard

If you have a pen charger II already, then you can buy additional pens separately. These now come with a AAAA (quadruple-A) rechargeable battery which means that when it fails to hold charge, you can buy a replacement from specialist battery suppliers to keep it going. (The blue stripe pens had a custom rechargeable battery that you couldn’t buy except in bulk.) You can buy the replacement AAAA battery on Amazon.

Pen Tips

Pen Tips

Replacement pen tips are now available to order. There are ten in a pack.

Note, there are 4 spare tips included in the pen charger II kit, and 10 in the separately purchased tip pack.

Power Supply

The power supply is designed to power most of the eInstruction/Interwrite products. The Pen Charger II now supplied separately does NOT include a power supply. Please note this is just the black power plug with transformer, and a wire to plug into your device. There is no other function supported – you cannot charge pens with this alone.